Gone at last…..

After what’s been a two year period of embarrassing stories, accusations of racism, cronyism, and malpractice and mismanangement, that cost the life of an innocent Brazillian, Sir Ian Blair is finally leaving his post as head of the Met Police.

While Boris Johnson should be applauded (yes, I can’t believe that I’ve said that) for making his mark this early in office, the reality is that he should’ve been out a long time ago. For a police for that’s been shown to be institutionally racist, to have not one but two accusations of discrimination against him and his force, not to mention the PR disasters of Forest Gate, Walthamstow, and of course the terrible events of Stockwell, as head of it, he should have taken responsibility for the position he holds, and walked. But the truth is, for someone that was so close to Blair, he was never going to give up his reign.

It’s going to be a legacy of his time in office, much like his namesake, that he’d been party to some shocking decisions, some terrible events, and huge evidence of this against him, he refused to feel blame, refused to take responsibility, and refused to believe he was wrong. Thank god that he’s finally gone, and the force can hopefully get new blood in at the top and start to change and to take responsibility for its actions. Despite some of the daft reactions to his departure (“it’s a disgrace and he was a credit to the city”, no doubt from a NIMBY Daily Mail reader in Notting Hill) it can only be a good thing for the city. But for it to be truly worth it there needs to be wholesale change, and not another crony appointed at the top. I’m not holdig my breath.


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