The day the consel won….

Circo Loco Opening, DC10 2008

Well, not strictly the island, but those that run it. And those that have a vested interest in turning it into the yacht club and high rollerville that somehow seems to be the improbably solution to the summer’s ‘undesirables’. It’s a depressing and ever growing trend, ever since the new government took charge two winters ago and all the allegiances that had held the fragile fabric of the island’s nightlife together began to slowly come apart.

First, the closures, last summer, that hit the two best clubs on the island, but mysteriously, for reasons not out of character with all of them. Then, tentatively, as this year’s season approached, hope was replaced once more with despair as DC10’s retrospective punishment that they dodged last year came back with interest. The most visceral, most raw, the purest, most undiluted, and uncommercialised clubbing experience on the island would have its doors shut once more for the majority of the season.

But the nadir, perhaps the day when we’ll look back in the future and say “this is when it all tipped” happened when its license was revoked. It sounds harsh, but it was a well known island ‘secret’ that it only had a café conceirto license, permitting music to be played, but not a discoteca license. Its capacity? Somewhere around 60. And before you raise eyebrows, of course they were taking the piss. But they were the eyesore on island, Italian owned, fraternised by a cross section of hedonistic, beautiful, and, blatantly to the authorities, smashed people every Monday afternoon.

Last year saw more police, cctv, and some of the joy of the Monday sessions diluted, but still it wasn’t enough. In fact, almost hilariously, part of the closure, that saw its license removed for 12 months (and, let’s face it, there’s as much chance it being granted in August 2009 as there is Boris Johnson winning the 100m gold in 2012) was noise complaints. This, for a club that sits on the end of the runway. It showed what lengths the authorities would go to mould the island into an image that was more condusive to 5 star hotels, golf courses and oligarchs.

But that’s not the point. It’s not what the island’s about. And no, I’m not one of these fools that thinks we should be able to head out, do drugs, fuck about, and leave the island a dustbin full of KFC wrappers, San Miguel tins and empty baggies. The island has been around a lot longer than the British, and it’s the unique Ibecincos that have made the island the unique place it is now. It’s been a haven for beatnicks, hippies, hedonists, and now ravers from all over the world that come to sample the heady mix of music, sex, sun, sea and the most incredible clubs every summer.

But, with their resentment of ‘undesirables’ the government couldn’t misunderstood the dynamic of Ibiza more. Get rid of them, and they wont’ come back to a apartment, fresh with a credit card, or a villa in a few years, or ten years later with the kids. Cut off the supply and you slowly kill the island. I don’t want 2008 to be the year the worm turned, the year that it finally reached the tipping point, but there’s too many people out there that feel that next summer it could be too late. And that would be a tragedy. And by then, it’ll be too late.

I won’t stop coming, far from it. There’s way too many incredible places on the island outside Cocoon, or We Love or Monza to reduce the attraction. And if I could show every clubber just one of them every year then that’d be a start. There’s the caves in St Miquel, the beautiful beaches of Calla Comte, Sa Caleta, Benirras, Calla Tarrida, Salinas, Cala D’Hort, Cala Jondal, the wonderful villages of St Gertrudis, St Josep, Portinax, the winding streets of Sa Penya in D’Alt Villa, too many places to mention that will fill your stomach with incredible food, the bars – Coastline, Noctambula, Lo Cura, Base, there’s one favourite for everyone, and so many vistas, sunsets, sunrises, things that will outlive even the most ardent of sessions.

I hope it’s not over. But it’ll be a sad day when that chapter closes, a sad day indeed. Let’s hope it’s not for a while yet.

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