is nothing sacred?

Ok, so I’m all for a summer house record, and the Shapeshifters aren’t exactly bad at this, but sometimes people can take it too far.

Now, with the amount of cashing in (We Love…. anyone?) on the 20th anniversary of Acid House, something that only a real few can remember (and even some of the ones that were there don’t) and many more love and appreciate, you’d hope that some thanklessly lazy remixes wouldn’t surface, but fast on the heels of the not-too-bad-but-why-did-you-really-need-to-do-it of Mark Knight’s Man With The Red Face mix, but this month it gets much lower….

Why on earth would you think that Orbital’s Classic Chime would need a going over, and certainly not in an ‘electronic house’ style.

But that’s what the Shapeshifters have done. It really isn’t needed AT ALL. And to make a video of kerraazy ‘ravers’ with all the red top headlines and confused grannies, it’s reducing one of the finest musical revolutions into a caricatured cash-in.

Shame on you. Some things are better left alone.


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