42 steps to the end of civil liberties…..

I could say a million words or ten, but today’s been a day when the government has achieved the slightest and most humiliating of ‘victories’ to extend the detention time of a suspect without charge to 42 days. 42…. not 41, 44, 65, 33, just 42. As if plucked from nowhere, for no reason, other than it’s longer than 28, and it’s something on which they can, after bullying, exhaustive use of the whips, and the recruitment of the Ulster Unionists to prevent a calamitous defeat.

For what though? Certainly, the laws and caveats that revolve around the current 28 days are far from perfect, in fact they’re in need of an overhaul, but not one that pushes the ability of the security services to detain any individual for up to 42 days, simply on the suspicion of terrorist activity. Suspicion. It could be you and me, for downloading something about Al Qaeda, for information. That puts you in the sights.

And the flowery, pithy concessions that rescued it have made it a lame duck. The Lords will most likely reject it, barring a delay of huge proportions that takes the fire and the vitriol from the upper chamber. But it’s the symbolism, that both Brown will use to boost his non-existent credentials, but more so that we are willing to  tear up the Magna Carta, a document written in 1215, in order to supposedly further protect this country from the threat of terror, a threat which their own lies, deception and paranoia has bred, that has taken us to an unjust war, and that will further erode the rights of the individual for the rights of the state.

It’s a sad day to be British.


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