Euro? Finally, a tournament without the pain

While I’m sure it’d be nice to think if (yes, if) we’d qualified this time round (we didn’t deserve it, take the blinkers off) then we’d have been in Vienna, lifting the trophy, in fact, it’s actually a relief, finally realising that I can settle down, occassionally watching a match or two, safe in the knowledge there’ll be no pain, no hurt, no wailing and gnashing of teeth, while 16 other teams and their fans go through the mill for the next 3 weeks. 

I for one, won’t be missing standing in a pub in a couple of weeks with the same mates, with hopes unfairly raised, just to watch our team of plucky but useless ‘lads’ go out on penalties for the 4th tournament in a row. In fact, I’m going to enjoy watching it for once, knowing I don’t have to really have any affiliation. 

Though, of course, I’ll be supporting Spain. Vamos! 


One thought on “Euro? Finally, a tournament without the pain”

  1. It’s in situations like these that you really appreciate having a Polish mother. They’re playing Germany tommorrow (nowt like a bit of football to bring out those buried world war grudges!) C’MON POLAND!

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