Sweeney? Gone for a Burton….

One of the few joys of transatlantic flight are at least catching up on films you’ve missed in the last 12 months. So, for a roll call, here’s my list: 

American Gangster (cracking) 

Juno (utterly brilliant)

Atonement (overblown sentimentalist posho semi-nonsense)

The Kite Runner (good but not great. Maybe I was in the wrong mood, ie. comatose)

I Am Legend (watchable pulp)

We Own The Night (at 4am it was alright)

I’m Not There (wonderful for the 25 mins I grabbed before the video system on Quantas died on its arse grrr)

Which brings me to the final choice. Sweeney Todd. Now, this should be right up my street – Depp, Bonham-Carter, Spall, Rickman, Baron Cohen, and all helmed by the legendary Tim Burton. But it isn’t, you see. Depp’s entertaining Jack Sparrow accent becomes irritating when he’s not a drunk pirate, Bonham-Carter is great, but Mrs Lovett’s no Marla Singer. Rickman’s good, but the character is a bit wafer-thin, Baron-Cohen is pretty good, and Timothy Spall is his slime-covered best. 

But it’s the singing. It grates. And while I know building a set of dark and dingy London isn’t easy, so much CGI just made parts like a cartoon. But it’s just the SINGING. God, I’m not a massive musicals fan, but I’m not a hater of them either, but I wanted to cringe every time someone broke into song. In fact, I wanted all of the songs to end with a stint in the barber’s chair. 

This really is something that seemed a great idea turned into a terrible film. I’m sure it went down a storm in America though. Very ‘quaint’. 

2 thoughts on “Sweeney? Gone for a Burton….”

  1. I agree with you on everything but…wait for it…Atonement…

    Didn’t you think it was beautifully shot? And that tap/tap/tap of the typewriter as the score? Maybe that didn’t come across on the plane…

    Maybe I am an overblown sentimental posho?!

    Answers on a postcard!

  2. It was beautifully shot, and the typewriter as the score was good, and thank god they didn’t have to cut out c**t…. and yes, the impact was somewhat reduced on a 6-inch screen.

    But the whole premise, especially of the ending was a bit overblown and sentimental. I wasn’t in a very sentimental mood at the time, more of a ‘I need SLEEP!” mood really… heh.

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